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Yoga to Improve Memory and Mind Health

yoga for memoryIncrease Your Memory With Yoga

Yoga has mental health benefits, as well as incredible physical benefits we expect with regular exercise. Regular yoga practitioners report a number of improvements such as their mood, concentration, memory, sleep, work and study performance. And in their relationships.

They found the relied less on alcohol, medications or other mood-altering agents in an attempt to gain control. Besides health benefits you may be wondering how to use yoga to increase memory and mind wellness.

Use of Yoga to Increase Memory

Yoga helps to improve memory in a number of ways. Every yoga posture requires us to develop an intention to pay attention, focus and concentrate. These are pre-requisites for learning anything, so learning yoga reminds us how to learn generally. Starting with the intention to learn.

Commitment, to repeating the postures and breath-work until they become automatic, is also necessary if we are to learn anything. Self-discipline is much easier if we have made an internal commitment.

A regular schedule helps us to remember, and the practice of yoga reminds us to stick to a schedule.

Pranayama, or control of the breath, provides good quality oxygen to the brain, boosting all brain functions, including memory. It also releases tension which in turn releases nervous energy which can be used for other mental processes, including memory.

The inverted asanas or postures, such as the shoulder and headstand variations, greatly enhance blood flow to the brain, improving all brain functions. All the asanas improve general health and vitality; which is the vital prana or life force needed for all life functions.

Yoga teaches mental practices such a visualisation and affirmation, which can be used as forms of self-hypnosis to instruct the mind to remember better. Seeing yourself in a situation where you were pleased at remembering well, or imagining such a situation, will be accepted by the subconscious mind as proof that you are good at remembering.

Coupling the visualization with an affirmation such as “Every day my memory is better and better!? will instruct your subconscious mind to find ways to make this so.

Yoga and Memory

Mind health and memory is a general phrase indicating a strong, resilient, effective, balance of a healthy baseline level of mental function. This is necessary for a person to be able to enjoy all areas of their life.

Regular yoga rebalances and strengthens your body, and in turn your mind.  It reduces the level of tension in your body, as well as replenishes your energy levels. The regular improvements in your health make you feel more effective, as you are the one who has worked consistently to create them.

The release of inner tension and improved energy levels, as well as the spiritual alignment during yoga, release your inner joy. All of this allows you to achieve everything more easily in your life, enhancing your mood and sense of good mind health.

Concluding Yoga to Improve Your Memory

With a commitment to regular practice you too can use yoga to increase memory and mind health.

Why not start today and see for yourself?

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