Bob Proctor’s Memorial Livestream | Proctor Gallagher Institute

Bob Proctor's Memorial Livestream | Proctor Gallagher Institute

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor committed his entire life to one purpose: To reach one individual after another, assuring each person that not only could they achieve greatness… But that greatness already lived within them.

Please join Proctor Gallagher Institute to celebrate the life and legacy of this beloved and unforgettable man on February 27th at 2 PM ET. The memorial will be streamed LIVE to allow people worldwide to come together as one as we pay tribute to Bob.

Bob was a one-of-a-kind man who brought hope and joy to everyone he met. It is our hope that through this celebration, we will leave with his giving spirit and a commitment to achieve greatness in our hearts.

Click the link below to register for Bob Proctor’s Memorial Service. 🙏❤️

We are extremely grateful for the outpouring of love and gratitude that is continuing to be received. If you would like to leave a donation in honor of Bob Proctor to the Unstoppable Foundation

➡️ Leave a comment below with your biggest lesson, memory or tribute to Bob Proctor 👇

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New Book Promotes Love As Solution to Life’s Problems

In “The Answer Is Love,” Luis Rojas honestly shares his personal stories about lessons he’s learned the hard way and how love was the solution in every situation. Readers will find answers to some of life’s deepest questions about suffering and life’s purpose and come away with a new commitment to practice love in all areas of their lives.

New Book Demonstrates How We Can Pursue Our Dreams

In “Power Up Your Dreams,” Gloria Carpenter shares the steps needed to succeed at whatever you set your mind upon. She discusses how to remove negative mindsets and the other obstacles that hold us back to create the life we want. She includes empowering stories about herself and her singing career that will help readers willingly step out of their comfort zones to take action to turn their dreams into their reality.

Analysis Of The Studium and the Punctum

This is an analysis of Studium and the punctum as propounded by the Philosopher Roland Barthes. The Studium is the linguistic, cultural, and political meaning of a photograph and he puncum is aesthetic and personal interpretation of the photograph.

Can Prayer Bend the Time?

Prayer is powerful. It brings peace, solutions to the problems and what not? Miracles do happen by praying! Prayer can bend the time. The general idea is that the past influences the present. But modern physics has shown that the time is linked with space. So if by due prayer it may be possible to bend the time. The past may be altered, modified, changed to suit the present situation for one who prays

ARMD – A Comparison Of Modern (Allopathic) and Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment

Age related macular degeneration, aka ARMD or AMD, is a serious age-related condition of the eyes which can result in diminished central vision and is a leading cause of blindness. This condition is related or associated with several modifiable and non-modifiable risk factors which include ageing, female gender, genetics, faulty diet, excessive sun exposure, smoking, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and obesity.

Philosophy Of Poetry

This is a discourse on the Philosophy of Poetry. Now what i poetry? Poetry is the music of words and a painting of images. In this article, the philosophy of poetry is divided into the following: and they are igneous ignition, sedimentary calisthenics, and metamorphic catharsis.

How Should Professionals Use Facebook or Other Social Media?

Professionals can go the extra mile decorating their Facebook page without being productive. Some aspects matter to make their page enticing and boost up the purchases of their products. Look inside.

What to Do When Corporate Speak Doesn’t Match Corporate Culture

We’ve all heard top business leaders proclaim: “This is the best place to work as our leaders are visionary, and will help propel our company into the future”, or, “We strive to promote inclusivity and diversity in our workplace, making us a top employer, while creating value for all”, or, “Our innovative leaders are some of the best you’ll find in the industry, demonstrating empathy and compassion for all employees, while embracing passion for our values and mission”. Yet what is your reaction when you read these types of statements for your organization or institution? Do you immediately feel inspired, because you recognize these qualities within your firm? Or do you view the words as corporate speak, designed to flatter and impress, without holding much weight?

Inner Feminine: What Can Happen If A Man Is In Conflict With His Own Feminine Aspect?

If the average man was told that he has an inner feminine, a big frown might appear on his face. After this, he could make it clear that this is not something that he possesses and that there is nothing feminine about him.

Intimacy: Can Developmental Trauma Make It Hard For Someone To Show Up In A Relationship?

What someone may find, if they were to end up in a relationship, is that it is far harder than they expected it to be. There will then be what they thought it would be like and what their experience is actually like.

The Benefits of an Amino Acid Fertilizer

Amino acid fertilizer is tremendously beneficial for almost all types of plants. We suggest that you go for a product that is organically certified. We suggest that you look for a product that contains most of the 20 amino acids used by most plants for healthy growth.

Self-Ownership: What Can Happen If Someone Was Treated Like An Object During Their Early Years?

Now that someone is an adult, it could be said that their early years are well and truly behind them. In other words, they are an adult now and what took place in the past is irrelevant.

My Ongoing Grudge With Santa

I’ve had sort of a grudge with old Mr. Santa Claus. I was introduced to Santa Claus by my parents, who informed me that he was the one that brought all of my Christmas presents on Christmas day. And I believe my parents. I remember on Christmas Eve we had to go to bed early to give Santa Claus time to deliver our presents under the tree. It was hard to sleep that early on Christmas Eve knowing that Santa was coming with Christmas presents. Finally, we did fall asleep only to wake up Christmas day with the tree filled with our Christmas presents. I did not know the real identity of Santa Claus until many years later. I was six years old when my parents first took me to see Santa Claus. I stood in the line and waited my turn to climb up on his lap and tell him what I wanted for Christmas. That first Christmas time, I told Santa that all I wanted for Christmas was a pony. Just a pony.

Father Wounds: Can A Man Be Domesticated If He Had An Abusive Father?

In the same way that an animal can be someone’s pet, a man can be in a very similar position. He will then, like the animal, be just about out of touch with his instincts and it won’t be difficult to control him.

Are You Spinning Too Many Plates in Your Life and Desperate to Make None Fall?

Spinning plates may be a great human circus act, but when it comes to business, having too many spinning plates in the air can be detrimental to you achieving great outcomes. If you fall into the category of people who are entrapped in the flawed idea that multitasking and spinning with many plates will lead to more productivity then you might be surprised that not only does multitasking not work but research tells us it could damage your brain!

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