Get More Nutrients Watercress Power House Veggie

nutrient rich watercress veg sandwich


Watercress: How to Get More Nutrients

Love veggie sandwiches? To get more nutrients pack watercress into sandwiches, add to salad or juice it. Watercress is a leafy green vegetable that grows fast and you can easily grow it at home in a tiny space.


What to Eat for a Healthy Mind

What to Eat for Mind Health? Food for the And Brain

nutrition food for mind health

We typically connect food with physical health. But what about food for the mind?

Most people know junk contributes to weight gain, poor skin and overall unease. Yet little consideration is given to our mind health.

Nutrition and mind brain health go hand in hand. But why is this such a neglected topic?

In this article let’s talk about feeding our brain. Because with the right nutrition we can benefit in multiple ways, that range from ridding depression to gaining clarity and the ability to focus.

Nutrition for Mind Health

Its time to put the emphasis on nutrition

Natural Health

Symptomatic Relief Diabetic Nerve Pain Naturally

Symptomatic Neuropathy Diabetic Nerve Pain

stop diabetic nerve pain neuropathyIt is estimated that 20-30 Million Americans Suffer From Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy and these numbers can be low because people cannot afford the treatment they need or want a natural relief for the nerve pain.


How to Lose Stomach Fat in 3 Weeks Fast

lose belly fat fast - image slim womanLose Stomach Fat in 3 Weeks Fast

Summer Time Stomach Fat How to Lose Weight in 3 Weeks

Do you beat yourself up because you still have the stomach fat your promised to lose last year and the year before, and here you are again another summer approaching and your desperate to get on the beach toned and trim.

Losing weight is one of the biggest struggles we face and it is the thing that restricts people form doing what they want and enjoying their lives, isn’t it time to change it!

But there has to be a balance, many people workout daily, but then you eat fast foods, foods which are fried, and unhealthy foods that have a lot of empty calories.

There is an answer if your dedicated to work 3 short weeks you can see results lose all over weight and reduce stomach fat.

Ready to Lose Stomach Fat Fast?

Check out the top weight loss program!

You Can Lose Fat Around the Stomach Fast Even In 3 Weeks

Studies have revealed interval training – switching between low strength and high strength-is unmatched for fat-burning potential. The best part, you burn belly fat faster by working out less.

Which is yet another reasons why intensive training is the best cardiovascular exercise to lose stomach fat because intensive training provides the body time to recuperate, to ensure you could work in a high enough strength again, and again. Which is what is required to burn belly fat, and how our bodies are normally constructed to work.

Why Some Fast Stomach Fat Loss Don’t Work and Other Do …..

Doing the same aerobic work outs daily at the same pace is simply plain boring. And, your body will ultimately hit a plateau, which suggests you’ll burn off fat more slowly and less efficiently. Yes, you must follow these recommendations if your target is to Lose weight.

But, there is a difference between reducing weight and wanting to Burn belly fat so as to get toned, flat six pack abs. When someone loses 20-30 lbs, ever notice they still have flabby love handles, a fat stomach, along with continue to be fat? That is because even though they have lost weight, they still have not gotten their excess fat stage low enough to get a toned, flat belly.

To attain a toned 6 pack, you’ll need to be bring very low amounts of body fat. For males, the body fat needs to be in the single digits. If you simply want to lose some weight, but nonetheless have flabby love handles along with a fat belly.

If you wish to significantly burn belly fat along with get the sexy, toned six pack abs you have always wanted.

You can follow the steps above but there is nothing better than having a plan to follow; a fat loss plan saves time, money and you don’t make mistakes because it is right there, easy to follow. Don’t waste another moment of fun, another opportunity.

Check out the plan, it’s been a success for thousands,, now isn’t it your turn? Click to Lose Weight

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How Important is Losing Weight Before Knee Replacement Surgery

Benefit of Weight Loss Before Knee Replacement Surgery

man with knee replacement surgery losing weightIf you have a total knee replacement surgery planned, you’ll be helping yourself by losing weight before improve your results after having the knee replacement operation done.

A report in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (Oct. 2012) says that overweight ‘obese’ patients are at a far higher risk of complications following the knee surgery.

Extra pounds can also affect recovery time and when healing doesn’t happen as it should a patients can run the risk of going through another painful surgery. If you are having knee pain or anticipating knee replacement surgery now is the time to lose weight so you can heal quicker and take care of your overall health and mobility.

Complications of Knee Surgery Without Losing Weight

  • Extra pounds mean extra pressure, the healing time can take much longer
  • Infection can set in the more time you take to heal the greater the chances of infection
  • You will be using a cane or crutches putting extra pressure on your the rest of your body
  • Mobility will already be restricted and worse without the weight loss
  • Extra weight will be put unneeded pressure on the knee joint may stop healing
  • There is a chance that you may have to do the surgery done again as extra weight restricts healing
  • If you don’t lose weight some surgeons will not even perform a knee replacement surgery

Loose Weight Now

Importance is Losing Weight Before Knee Replacement Surgery

  • Weight loss before knee replacement will alleviate extra pressure
  • Your knee joint will likely heal far more quickly
  • As the pressure is less, you may notice lesser pain  in the knee
  • You will be able to move around easier and when you move you heal faster
  • By keeping your weight down healing tends to occur faster
  • Many people have to have the surgery re done if they are unable to exercise, scar tissue and healing can become an issue and a second surgery may be required

Being over weight may have been contributed to knee replacement surgery, maintaining a healthy weight is imperative to good overall health.

Often people who start with knee pain think it will heal by itself, but there are many factors such as painful osteoarthritis or worn joints are part of the vicious cycle as the pain has made it too difficult to exercise. But now you have reached the point of surgery and you suddenly realize that  you want to lose fast weight loss to heal quickly and make it easier to cope with recovery.

You can work with a personal trainer to help with exercise or reduce calorie intake to reduce the weight.

Concluding Weight Loss Before Knee Surgery

If you haven’t been on a weigh loss plan for sometime and need to lose weight fast its worth following and easy to plan for safe weight loss. If you have no other conditions and your Dr. gives the okay, get a start with a good weight loss plan prior to surgery.

Start a light exercise program and weight loss plan for maximum recovery.


Stop Chronic Acid Reflux Burning Fast GERD

Chronic Acid Reflux Burns the Throat Mouth and Is Potentially Dangerous

GERD Stop Chronic Acid Reflux Burning Fast Acid reflux is common health problem, affecting as many as 52 percent of Americans. Commonly known as

Body Yoga

Yoga to Improve Memory and Mind Health

yoga for memoryIncrease Your Memory With Yoga

Yoga has mental health benefits, as well as incredible physical benefits we expect with regular exercise. Regular yoga practitioners report a number of improvements such as their mood, concentration, memory, sleep, work and study performance. And in their relationships.


Meditation for Fibromyalgia

help stop fibromyalgia naturally

Meditation and Fibromyalgia How It Helps Sufferers

Can meditation help fibromyalgia? If you are one of the millions of people who suffer with fibromyalgia, then you know the physical and emotional pain it brings.In this article we talk about meditation for fibromyalgia and how it can help.

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Improving Mind Health With Yoga

Ways to Improve Mind Health With Yoga

improving mind health with yogaBesides physical benefits did you know you can improve your brain health with yoga? Yoga offers a numerous


3 Ways to Meditate to Clear Your Mind

Clear Your Mind With Meditation



3 Ways to Meditate to Clear Your Mind

Powerful Techniques 

Most of us have had days where we wonder how we will make it to the end of the day. Life can be tough, filled with stress, chaos and our minds can easily become overwhelmed.