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Watercress: How to Get More Nutrients

Love veggie sandwiches? To get more nutrients pack watercress into sandwiches, add to salad or juice it. Watercress is a leafy green vegetable that grows fast and you can easily grow it at home in a tiny space.

It’s related to plants such as the radish, mustard greens, and wasabi, but has a mild flavor, and blends nicely with other vegetables. Besides a delicious addition watercress this plant-based food has nutrient rich benefits. And guess what, it’s basically calorie free. (4 calories a cup)

One study published in the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention cited that researchers at William Paterson University at New Jersey noted watercress as one of the most nutrient dense foods, it a tiny Powerhouse!

Watercress Benefits for Health And Nutrition

Usually found in a little square clear plastic box many people overlook this power packed veggie. As far as nutritional value it likely one of the best vegetables on the planet (as far as nutritional value at least). It’ packed with vitamins and minerals, especially Vitamin K offering an average person’s daily requirement per 100 gram serving. Vitamin K has supports bone health and key in brain health helping limit neuronal damage and if you care for natural wellness it is used in treatment of Alzheimer’s.

What’s in a Cup if Watercress?

For starters don’t even worry about calories, with a just 4 calories a cup. But know you’re getting, Potassium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C, and ZERO Fat, Carbs, Sodium or Cholesterol.

Benefits of Eating Watercress Daily

So you can see why this tiny little plant is a powerhouse to include in your daily nutrient rich food plant, and it doesn’t stop there. There are more benefits of eating Watercress. Watercress contain gluconasturtiin, which is the compound that gives it its very mild peppery flavor. Some studies suggest that gluconasturtiin, may help to prevent cancer by inhibiting phase-I enzymes and, watercress can aid in digestion likely to its fiber content and as it water filled and essential nutrients can act as a mild diuretic.

Therefore, as we can see, this little plant can be extremely useful for dieters and non-dieters alike. There are many ways to enjoy this vegetable in your diet.

Watercress Preparation and Recipes

Watercress is easy to grow and simple to prepare. Simply grab, wash it and pack into a sandwich. Add to a salad or put in the juicer.

There many recipes that include this vegetable, though you will rarely find it at local restaurants, unless you are in a vegan, vegetarian hot spot. It really is one of the simplest veggies to prepare, as a kid, when I ate eggs, I ate egg salad and watercress sandwiches and as a Brit, “Cress Sandwiches were quite the thing.

Besides the super simple ideas, toss watercress along with some shallots in a shallow pan and lightly sauté them until they are soft and barely wilted. Toss this mixture on top of your protein roasted veggies for a twist on an old favorite. Water cress is packed with nutrients as well as a little extra texture.

Watercress Powder for Nutrition
Watercress Seeds
Plant Based Cooking

Ready to Get Your Nutrients the Watercress Way

Head to your organic grocery store, Wholefoods and pick up a box today. If you want to grow your own get a kit, watch it grow daily, snip what you want and always have it on hand. This is a great little gift for kids too, teach them how to grow veggies for fun and health.

Watercress is a must have to your daily diet, and the benefits speak for themselves.

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