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Top Food to Help Clear Brain Fog

food for brain fog

Top Foods to Help  Clear Brain Fog

If staying healthy and fit is something you aspire to the chances are you understand the effect of what we eat on our body. But what we eat has an incredible impact in our brain health. With this said today we look at food that helps clear brain fog too!

Our food intake makes the difference between us being physically and mentally healthy or not. The quality of our nutrition is crucial to getting and staying healthy.

Certain foods cause inflammation in the body which over time can cause all sorts of problems including autoimmune diseases, digestive disorders and high blood pressure.

For our mental well being a poor diet can cause lack of focus, forgetfulness, brain fog,  confusion, and even anxiety which can escalate into experiencing panic attacks. So your diet really is extremely important when it comes to the type of life you want to lead.

A lot of people change their eating habits when they are watching their weight by eating less, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are eating as well as they could be.  Avoiding the chemicals and toxins that cause most of our health problems is where a lot of our attention needs to be.

It’s important to be more aware of what you are actually eating. Your brain will thank and reward you with more focus and clarity when you make a conscious effort to eat nutrient rich whole foods. Always remember that there is a connection between our gut and mind so it makes sense that a healthy mind needs healthy nutrition to keep it functioning at its best.

So What Should You Eat?

Some of the things you may already be aware of as they are probably on most healthy food lists. Just a few important ones are Beets, Celery and Spinach. They are not only healthy but have brain enhancing benefits too so make sure they are on your shopping list.

Chocolate Lovers Brain Food

This is one that most of you won’t need to be reminded about. Just make sure that it’s quality dark chocolate as its rich in magnesium, and iron as well as fiber. This helps the flow of blood to the brain improving cognitive function and memory.  I know for me it takes just a small amount of good dark chocolate to satisfy my chocolate craving where I could probably eat a bar of milk chocolate plus not get the benefits.

Coconut Oil – Food to Clear Brain Fog

Coconut oil was used a lot when I was a child, then it seemed you didn’t hear much about it until maybe 5 or so years ago when it was brought more to the public attention again. It is very beneficial and it has a number of natural and healthy uses. Besides using it for cooking it has numerous other benefits, it’s great for your skin, hair and nails too.

Essential Seeds and Nuts

Seeds such as pumpkin and sunflower and especially Chia seeds considered a great  sources of antioxidants and once of the best sources of fiber available anywhere, should be included in your diet.  They are high in protein and rich in omega fatty acids.

These seeds can enhance your  memory and thought process, they can help fight anxiety and depression also enhance your mood. Plus they can help lower blood pressure.

Nuts especially Walnuts contain vitamin E. And they are a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids.  Omega 3 helps protect the brain and some studies show that it can stave off the onslaught of some types of dementia.

Concluding Food for Brain Fog

There are lots of food that can help with brain health. But some do a better job that others. Eating a diet that include nutrient rich food that is both good for your body brain. So when it comes to improving brain fog and, helping to boost brain health overall, eat a diet that includes plenty of healthy Omega 3’s, and partake exercise to calm the mind. And consider following a diet such as the Mediterranean diet. Which is known for its delicious tasting food as well as its longevity benefits.

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