3 Ways to Meditate to Clear Your Mind

Clear Your Mind With Meditation



3 Ways to Meditate to Clear Your Mind

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Most of us have had days where we wonder how we will make it to the end of the day. Life can be tough, filled with stress, chaos and our minds can easily become overwhelmed.

While we can’t shut out everything we can help relax our mind and clear the fog. I have found 3 ways to meditate to clear the mind. Each of the types of meditation are all beneficial.

Over the years I learned to quiet my mind and practice “Silent Meditation, it wasn’t easy at first as my mind runs wild and fills the space with chaotic thoughts, but I eventually got to that quiet space and now find it easier to get back into that state.

I also use Audio Music Meditation music and binaural beats as well as Guided Visualization Meditation. I use music and visualization when I need to bring my mind back to state of balance. It works by releasing quickly releasing negative thoughts.

Let me share a little about each of the meditation techniques and their benefits.

Clear Your Mind with Meditate With Guided Visualization

Meditation and visualization used together are empowering tools to enhance consciousness and to focus the mind. When it is difficult to quiet the mind visualization is a healthy way to replace negative thoughts with the positive.

Visualization also known as guided imagery meditation leads the mind on a beautiful journey, you are the master of your destiny and as you are prompted by a series of questions or directions your mind is free to create its own destiny.  And since the mind cannot differentiate between real or imagined it takes on the feeling associated with what you create.

The guided visualization clears your mind allowing you to relax, replenish your energy and return it to a state of balance. Visual meditation is especially perfect for meditation for beginners or when your mind is overwhelmed because it works quickly as your brain engages with the new positive images, thoughts and sounds.

I have used many visualization techniques one of them is Wild Divine. It has helped me clear my mind when I need it the most.

It works so well as your mind allows the visualization to overtake the negative expanding your capacity for clarity and calm. Meditation and visualization experiences work best when you let go of expectations and surrender to your inner wisdom.

Use Music Meditation to Clear Your Mind

Meditation and music work perfectly together to clear the mind of negativity and chaos. The key to meditating with music is choosing the right music; many people who practice meditation choose classical Indian music as its one and a half beats resonates with the body’s natural rhythm.

The music engages the mind as the thoughts are released and replaced with the rhythmic notes giving a full body mind experience.

When the mind is filled with the musical notes it has no room for anything else and it naturally becomes calm and quiet. You can use sounds instead of music, maybe you enjoy the sound of the ocean, or birds, wind chimes or anything else that is calm and relaxing.

Choose music that resonates with the body and slows the breath. Music vibrates throughout the whole body calming and giving it a relaxed yet energized experience.

Another form of effective audio mediation is binaural beats.

 Though I don’t fully understand the workings behind binaural I do know thousands of people use this technique for reaching a meditative state. If you want an alternative to music for meditation binaural beats are listened to on MP3s or CDs.

The beats are created with overlaid music or environmental sounds to bring about one of the states associated with meditation as they work to bring about the alpha or theta, or sometimes the gamma state. If you want to switch off and clear the mind music for meditation is a perfect alternative. Take your mp3 to work and take 5 minutes when you can to meditate and clear your mind throughout the day.

Silent Meditation Quiet Clears the Mind

Meditation in silence is exactly that. You find a quiet place to sit and quiet and clear the mind; it takes practice and time, like building muscle.

At first you wonder if you will ever master Silent Meditation as you mind continually wanders, your thoughts flood back from the day, last week and you think of tomorrow and as the thoughts come you learn to simply let the thoughts come and then go.

Easier said than done?

There are ways to help learn silent meditation, using breathe is one way, deep breathing, in through the nose and out through the mouth, this keeps a rhythm to focus on.  Another way is to find a word or a mantra that you can say to yourself to move the thoughts along until eventually they clear so it becomes easier and one day you can go into that silent mediation.

Breathing deeply is an additional benefit to meditation as it floods oxygen to the brain. And if you’re wondering what words you can say just allow yourself to choose a word or mantra that works for you. So examples of meditation mantras “I release “I forgive “Joy or simple the word “Breathe…

Concluding Clear Your Mind with Meditation

Whatever you chose will be the right one for you, if you are unsure try various meditation methods. A favorite for beginner meditation and one that I use still is guided visualization for meditation to clear mind. It always works, beautifully.

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Yes meditation can help physical pain as it promotes relaxation, which helps boost the immune system for overall wellness and change boost brain chemicals to help with pain management for fibromyalgia. Though a fairly new disease, there is much research being done. Stress is a massive factor as it is to most illnesses. This is where using meditation and yoga can really help alleviate pain.

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